Weight Loss

Weight Loss For Full-Time Working Mother

I found Caroline to be excellent. She is a real goldmine of useful information and tips (as well as many delicious recipes) and has a very positive and encouraging approach. Well worth it.

— Claire, 43, London

Body Composition

Having no previous knowledge on nutritionists, finding Caroline was a game-changer. The consultation provided me with so much information about my own eating habits and how I could actively change them without having to completely revamp my lifestyle or Asian culture. Caroline helped me understand that brown rice was a better option to my current white rice, if I wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle and also to eat smaller portions. Also she made me realise the importance of vegetables as I was having barely any! She also had this nice dinner plate with a diagram of what should be on the plate and I was surprised at how little the rice portion was compared to what I'm used to.

After the consultation was over, I was promised by her, an additional information pack with useful tips. I was amazed to find so much information and guidance on different variations of healthy food recipes, including her fantastic idea for a healthy protein shake as I mentioned I would be going to the gym. Also i've always had a problem with knowing what food to buy so she also provided me with lots of ideas on what I should be buying, which has helped a lot.

My diet now revolves around healthy eating and I stay away from fast food at all costs. The incentive to have a healthier lifestyle could have only been given to me by an expert, for that I recommend Caroline!

— Fahim, 19, Luton

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Working with Caroline has been a revelation. I have tried diets like Weight Watchers in the past and have had some short-term success. Before my nutritional session with Essential Nutrition, I even thought I knew where my problems were in my diet. Caroline reviewed my eating habits and came up with a plan which still allowed some treats and left me feeling full from day one. She pinpointed my sugar dependence and came up with easy ways to satisfy my sweet tooth while keeping on track. Before working with Caroline I had lost just under two stone (through breastfeeding rather than diet) after having my third child. However the last stone was proving impossible to budge.

I am now down to 9st 6lbs and have found that 'diet' is no longer applicable to my life. I have the tools to make healthy choices everyday and my eating habits have become a lifestyle change rather than a temporary reduction in calories. There has been no calorie counting in this regime, and no foods are banned. With Caroline's help l now look younger, I'm fitter (yellow-striped belt in Karate) and feel better in body and mind. I can also taste the food I eat so much better, an unexpected bonus from my increase in zinc from nuts!

— Sarah, 35, Meath

Weight Loss With Improved Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Following an initial consultation with Caroline and working through the agreed actions from our meeting, I have lost 17 pounds in weight in just 6 weeks. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels have dropped significantly and my mind feels sharper with concentration levels increasing. My sugar addiction has gone and I cannot see it returning. Before meeting Caroline I was in a rut and frustrated with my weight. Previous plans just didn't work. I would highly recommend her.

— Alan, 46, Hertfordshire

Weight Loss With Improved Sleep

For years I've been trying to lose weight. I have succeeded and then failed again. At my worst I was a size 18-20, at my best a size 8 - although not too sure that could have been sustained from a diet perspective. A friend of mine recommended that rather than concentrating so much on exercise or yet another fad diet, I ought to go and see a nutritionist. The one thing that all the exercise experts I've seen over the years agree on is that your diet has a significant impact on your weight, so I went ahead.

Caroline was one of the 3 nutritionists I shortlisted from the internet. After an initial email and a call I knew she was the one I wanted to see. Once I met her I was sooo pleased I had chosen her. So lovely to talk to, gets to understand you and your lifestyle which is what makes her advice such a success! During the session through her questioning, Caroline spotted that things didn't seem quite right with me – once she started delving into what I ate, how I felt etc. it became clear I had a number of symptoms that would indicate adrenal problems including an incredible difficulty to get any sleep at all.

Following some tests and recommended supplements – these were resolved! Through our sessions, I picked up information that will last me forever about eating patterns, what to eat, eating on the run – all tailored specifically to me. I had put on a stone in weight following a month abroad 4 months earlier and the weight just was not shifting. Once the adrenal problems eased up and I had been eating according to my new found knowledge – all about making the right choices rather than going without - the weight started coming off. Now I've lost that stone – so overall a success and the weight is still coming off slowly – but surely! I would thoroughly recommend Caroline!

— Kathy, 43, London

Weight Loss For Busy Lifestyle

Seeing a nutritionist for weight loss was my birthday present to myself and it was well worth it! I only wish I had done it sooner when I was unsuccessfully trying to eat a balanced diet while working long hours. Caroline is very helpful and knowledgeable and she gave me some great tips about my meals and snacks which I still follow. She also made sure there was enough variety in my options and as a result I never felt I was on a diet during the plan. It turned out to be much easier to lose these few extra pounds with her help. And there were also other improvements in my general well-being. I have more energy during the day and my sleep is much better too. I would highly recommend Caroline.

— Sarah, 31, London