Skin Health

Eczema and Allergies

I had been suffering with eczema flare ups for 18 months and had tried a variety of solutions, but with limited success. I went to see Caroline after a friend suggested that it could be food-related. Caroline is very professional, while at the same time being warm and friendly. She works around your lifestyle, rather than offering unrealistic suggestions, and she gives you confidence in her proposed solutions. After my food allergy and intolerance testing, she suggested significant changes in my diet - some for a short period of time and some more long-term. Being a sugar addict, the most challenging one was giving up sugar! I'm 6 weeks in now, and have been amazed by the results - I noticed a positive difference to my skin within a week of making the changes and people have even commented that my skin looks glowing. I also have a lot more energy and feel a lot calmer and more content. I would highly recommend Caroline.

— Helen, 33, Hertfordshire


I attended Caroline's clinic in January this year. I found Caroline's help and expertise to be very beneficial. She provided me with interesting meal plans and options that I had never considered before. I would definitely recommend Caroline to anybody considering help from a nutritionist.

— Paula, 35, Dublin