Cardiovascular Health

High Cholesterol

I came to see Caroline after being diagnosed with high cholesterol. Caroline helped me understand that there are different types of cholesterol and that some foods will raise the “bad” type while others foods will raise the “good” type. She also told me how important good digestion is in keeping the “bad” one down. I was concerned before seeing a nutritionist that I would have to change my lifestyle and stop enjoying the foods I love but Caroline worked with me to tailor a diet to my lifestyle and one which included some of my favourite foods, while allowing the odd treat every now and then! I’ve been following Caroline’s advice for three months and my cholesterol is much lower. I also feel generally much healthier and have a lot more energy. I would highly recommend Caroline.

— Dan, 31, Dublin

Familial hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol)

I have been Caroline's patient for around 1.5 years now, having first found her details on the Internet whilst looking for nutritional support for my very high cholesterol levels. Since then, I have consulted her for a number of other issues, including hormone imbalances, problems sleeping, anxiety and kidney stones, all of which have affected me in one way or another in the last year due to a very stressful lifestyle.

Caroline is undoubtedly a very knowledgeable professional, but what in my view sets her apart from other professionals is her compassionate approach to her work. In advising me, she adopted a very understanding and pragmatic style, taking account of the fact that when I first saw her I led a very busy life, I ate out a lot, I worked very long hours, and I was so stressed that the last thing I needed was for someone to introduce more stress into my routine. I found the changes that Caroline recommended completely achievable, her recipes are tasty and quick to prepare, her shopping lists are invaluable for those of us who have little time to read all the labels, and her 80/20 approach means that I can have a treat without feeling guilty. Mind you, she even has healthy recipes for treats, so that a lot of the treats that my family and I enjoy today are actually within my diet!

I have now managed to slow down a little the pace of life, I eat at home a lot more but I also know what to order when I want to eat out, I know what snacks to pack for the days when I know my schedule is going to be a little crazy, I know what to say when someone asks me if I have dietary requirements, and I know how to flavour my food naturally (whether I cook it or I buy something ready from the shops). Best of all, I feel well, I enjoy my food so much that I want to make time to prepare it, my skin is clear, my kidneys are fine, my weight is stable, I am sleeping like a baby, and my cholesterol is definitely on its way down!

I would thoroughly recommend you embark on this journey with Caroline as your guide!

— Jenny, 36, London