Weight Loss Programme

Many clients come to me for weight-loss advice after years of trying various diets. Some of these diets have worked for a short period of time but few have delivered long-lasting results.

I believe that the key to sustained weight loss is to develop a long-term eating plan that is bespoke to your individual needs. My aim is to identify and address any barriers to achieving your goals. These barriers are not always as simple as overeating. There is often a combination of factors at play, which vary by individual. Common factors include nutrient deficiencies, imbalances in blood sugar levels causing cravings for sugar and stimulants, low mood, or a slow metabolism.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a life sentence of giving up the foods you enjoy. By identifying a plan that works for you, you can continue to enjoy a little of what you fancy. You will also discover a whole new world of delicious foods and recipes.

What to Expect from Your Programme

I will work closely with you to develop your own personalised weight loss programme. The programme will take place over eight weeks and will include initial and follow-up consultations and ongoing email support. You will also receive the tools you need to implement my recommendations (menu plan, recipes, shopping list etc.) as well as one-to-one support throughout your programme. Client support is something I am very proud of and is evident in my client feedback.

What's Included

  • A one hour consultation at[dc1] my clinic in Harley Street, the City of London, Hertfordshire,[/dc1][dc2] my clinic in Dublin[/dc2] or remotely (Skype or telephone).
  • A choice of either four 30 minute or two one hour follow-up consultations via telephone or Skype, where your food diary and goals will be reviewed.
  • A written report outlining your goals and recommendations.
  • Email support between sessions.
  • A meal plan tailored to your requirements, taking into account your dietary preferences (e.g. vegetarian or food allergies).
  • Quick, easy and tasty recipes.
  • A shopping list.
  • Advice on eating around exercise (if applicable).
  • Recommendations for eating out.
  • Monitoring sheets to track progress.


  • Personalised to your individual needs.
  • Designed to fit with a busy lifestyle (practical recommendations, advice on eating out, quick recipes).
  • A plan for life rather than a “crash diet”.
  • Reduced cravings.
  • Increased energy and improved mood.
  • No calorie counting.

Programme Fee


£295 [/dc1] [dc2] €295 [/dc2]

See what my weight loss clients have said about the programme.

If you would like further information on what’s involved or to discuss whether my weight loss programme may be suitable for your needs, feel free to get in touch.